Friday, January 23, 2015

Build A Line Challenge from B'sue Boutiques, Micheale Collie of The Vintage Gem, Part One

Welcome! I'm Micheale Collie of The Vintage Gem and I'm so excited to participate in my first blog hop with the Build A Line Challenge sponsored by B'sue Boutiques. This is the first of three blog hops where I'll share a bit about myself, why I chose to participate in the challenge, and what inspires me to create art jewelry. The Build A Line Challenge is actually a fabulous opportunity to learn how to create a line of jewelry with the support and guidance of 50+ other artists.

Here are a couple pictures of what I think are my best pieces, so far. 

And here's me in my very messy work space!

What can I say, I get organized, then I mess it up. Guess I work better in clutter. 

I started creating jewelry several years ago as a stringer/beader; making necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. I did custom work, designed original pieces and even made wedding jewelry. My decision to make jewelry was two-fold; I had become allergic to base metals and couldn't afford to replace my earrings with ones made of sterling silver, and I was looking for a creative outlet. I've always been a creative person. I've been a musician since childhood, have a degree in music, and besides jewelry making, I sew, have had a cake decorating business (I love to bake), knit, play guitar, write-you get the idea.

I became frustrated with the type of jewelry I was making because it didn't hold my interest. I felt there was more I could do, but couldn't find my niche, so I stopped selling jewelry. I continued to make pieces for myself, family and friends. You can imagine the joy and excitement I felt when I found Brenda Sue Lansdowne's videos on YouTube last summer. Finally, here was a completely different and challenging way to make gorgeous, unique jewelry. 

Being a part of the challenge was very important to me, even though I felt completely overwhelmed when I trying to come up with an idea for a line. I knew this would be a great learning experience, while challenging me to think of jewelry design in a new way. With a vague idea in mind, I applied for the challenge and am very grateful to Brenda for accepting me. Inspiration finally hit and the theme for my line is Dragonflies and Butterflies, two of the most beautiful creatures in nature. I don't have any finished pieces, but I have ideas and a few components, plus a couple works in progress. (I need to place another B'sue order!)

You can find my jewelry at  I'm so excited to learn from all the other talented artists in the challenge as we begin this three month journey together. 

Brenda Sue Lansdowne, B'sue Boutiques
Marcia Tuzzolino
Jann Tague
Judy King
Linzi Alford
Cynthia Wainscott
Carole Carlson
Lynn Stinten
Marica Zammit
Catherine Shattuck
Michaele Collie
Mary Craig
Lee Koopman
Erin Whitacre
Monica Casady
Leila West
Cindy Peterson
Leila Belcher
Gloria Allen
Pamela Anger
Tammy Adams
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Melissa Latimer
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Nadine Edris
Lori Meyer
Jennifer Merrill Williams
Denise Lussier Poirier
Renee Allen
Autumn Adams
Elizabeth Owens
Kat BarronMiller
Sandra Ballard
Coral Law


  1. Greetings Michelle, I enjoyed reading your blog and your work is so pretty. I can't wait until those "dragonflies and butterflies" take flight! By the way, I felt right at home looking at your workspace…it looks so much like my own.

  2. Hiya Michaele - wow, the dragonfly with the red crystal finding pops! I've got my eye on that one. *wink* Your work space is great!


  3. Great Blog and cannot wait to see your full line!

  4. I love dragonflies and butterflies. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished products. =)

  5. I love the dragonflies and butterflies too. What a great idea. Can't wait to see some finished pieces. :-) ~Elizabeth

  6. I am sure what ever you do will be lovely. Can't go wrong with dragonflies and butterflies! Ingrid

  7. I felt perfectly at home in your workspace!! Can't wait to see more of your pieces--I know they will "fly" right off the shelf. Great concept!! Looking forward to this journey with you. Gina H

  8. The design line you selected I love .. looking forward to seeing your beautiful creations .. Jann

  9. What a lovely theme! I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  10. Dragonflies and butterflies.... I lOve it! They are always a constant in my designs, I alsk work best in caos :) can't wait to see your line!

  11. Great theme idea. Love the messy worktable. Takes too much time to constantly be cleaning it up. looking forward to seeing your line.

  12. Love the theme and I'm looking forward to seeing you bring it to life!

  13. You can't go wrong with dragonflies and butterflies :-) Love your theme. And your mess - although I've seen worse on my worktable haha

    Bead Lovelies

  14. Well done, thank you for being an important part of our challenge and the blog hop today! So glad you joined us!

  15. Michaele, thank you for the glimpse into your creative world. I'm excited to see you Dragonfly & Butterfly beauties ♥

    ~ Lori

  16. It's great to meet another home-school mom. My youngest is a Junior/senior now, so I was excited to have this chance to start the next step in my creative career. I have to get organized to mess it all up while I work as well. It looks like you'll be creating a lot of beauty out of your chaos though!

  17. LOVE your assemblage!! Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  18. Dragonflies and butterflies yes their beauty is so incredible and such variety. I know you will do well with this choice as everyone loves these two beautiful insects.

  19. Micheale you are a lady with many talents! Can't wait to see your completed line! Brava ~ Sandie B.

  20. Your necklace with the trumpet flowers caught my attention right away! I also liked seeing your workspace, eye candy ;-)

  21. Oooh I really like your theme of butterflies and dragonflies and love what you've done so far! Looking forward to more from you. :)

  22. Dragonflies and butterflies is a great theme. And I love your workspace, it looks like you have a lot of fun in there.

  23. butterflies and dragonflies are a great choice, I bet you will have fun with this

  24. I can't wait to see butterflies and dragonflies inspired jewelry. Looking forward to the completed line.

  25. Dragonflies and Butterflies -- what a wonderful theme! I'm looking forward to seeing your creations.

  26. Great theme for Spring and Summer. I use butterflies and dragonflies a lot too. (I'm just wondering how you're going to incorporate Castiel in there! LOL)

  27. Love your blog! It's a pleasure to be a part of a group with such talented artists as yourself!

  28. Great theme, so many directions to go with it! :) I look forward to seeing the finished products!

  29. Lovely jewelry, Micheale, and that's a great line theme! Love butterflies and dragonflies! ;)

  30. I love butterflies! I can't wait to see your theme and how you use them and dragonflies!

  31. I love your them dragonflies and butterflies are some of my fav's. I love your blog and hey i used to decorate cakes too. I can't wait to meet you in person this spring. Love you Bunches XOXO!

  32. Lovely work, Micheale. Can't wait to see what you come up with next month. :)

  33. I love the pieces you have already designed. They are really pretty! I love your theme and the components you have picked so far are wonderful too!! Be Blessed!

  34. I think your theme is lovely and the early stages are fabulous. Looking really good and can't wait to see more. What a fun challenge.

  35. Butterflies and dragonflies are a great theme choice. They seem to be "in" across so many periods and styles. Timeless, perhaps. Can't wait to see the completed designs.

  36. I love the two necklaces you've pictured (black and white). I think your theme is going to be awesome!

  37. Spring is coming. Butterflies and dragonflies jewelry will be very popular. Look forward to see your final reveal.

  38. Looking forward to seeing your line. I am a messy worker too! Linzi

  39. I can relate to the messy space. I like to have things out where I can see them and be inspired. And dragonflies and butterflies, who can resist.

  40. love the post and theme. Gorgeous Black necklace.

  41. Hi!
    Love the big bold bright statement of your work ;) Ilove your studio set up as well. I used to have my studio set up very much the same with peg board on the wall in front of me and my workbench shaped into an "L"- I think its a great set up because I loved being able to roll from station to station as I worked on my piece. But alas my studio was flooded out and I lost it and I now have taken over my entire dining room and turned it into my studio LOL :) I look forward to seeing how your line progresses and spending time with you in class! :)

    1. I love to use dragonflies and butterflies in my jewelry as well. Customers seem to like them and so I want to see what you do with them Love your butterfly earrigs

    2. I love to use dragonflies and butterflies in my jewelry as well. Customers seem to like them and so I want to see what you do with them Love your butterfly earrigs

  42. Dragonflies are always so very popular as are butterflies. you are on a winner by the look of everything

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