Friday, March 20, 2015

B'sue Boutiques Build A Line Challenge, Blog Hop Three
Micheale Collie, The Vintage Gem

The Big Reveal

I spent the last week of February and the first week of March frantically getting ready for my second show. My daughter helped during the show, where I debuted three of the pieces from my line. 

I find it almost surreal how the past three months have seemed to fly by. I began the Build A Line Challenge (BALC) with a vague idea of what I thought could make an interesting line. Many thanks to Brenda Sue Lansdowne of who accepted me into the challenge and provided support, guidance, and encouragement throughout this process. I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the amazing women who've also been a part of the Challenge. The camaraderie in the Build A Line Challenge classroom has been second to none. I've learned so much from these talented artists and designers, developed friendships and simply don't want this to end!

While preparing to write this post, I found this photograph from my first BALC blog post.

These pieces represented the kernel of an idea that would become more than I ever dreamed possible. I'm not, nor will I ever be, finished with my line. I've realized the infinite possibilities that lie ahead for this line and any others that I begin.

In February, one of our Classroom discussions centered on where each of us identified ourselves, a hobbyist-who makes pieces for herself, family and friends; a jewelry maker-who puts components together to create pieces; and a jewelry designer-the true artist, with vision. If there's a middle ground between jewelry maker and jewelry designer, that's where I see myself. I'm planning to take more classes, do more research, learn as much as I can about design elements and hope to become a jewelry designer. 

Enough of the chit chat, I hear you-get on with the big reveal!

Those of you who've read my blogs will recognize some of these pieces, but I've added more and even have pieces still to complete. I've already sold one of my first dragonfly necklaces-woo hoo!! My pricing pyramid is still a work in progress, particularly at the higher end. I have earrings in the $12-15 range, a bracelet that's $20, and necklaces that start at $25 and go up to $40. I'm still trying to work out pieces at the high point on the pyramid. 

Without further ado, here are my completed pieces:

The top necklace sold after the last blog hop

Blue Gold Butterfly Bib Necklace Set

I have a lavender and gold necklace similar to this, but need more beads to complete the chain!

Fuschia Dragonfly Set

Teal Dragonfly Set

I enjoy creating these sets in different colors. Dragonflies are a personal favorite and I seem drawn to them in my work.  Where possible, I include vintage elements like the Lucite beads in the chain of the teal dragonfly set.

I have two other butterflies like this that I've either painted or colorized using Swellegant. I ran out of time to finish the other two.

I love this dragonfly in the silverware finish and plan to get more to create bracelets with. I'm definitely adding these bracelets in different finishes and colors to my line.

My lowest price point pieces are my earrings. I enjoy working with these dragonflies, but want to expand to include butterflies and hummingbirds. This teal pair was made with a small piece of filigree cut from a B'sue round filigree stamping. I really like this design!

Now, for something a bit different! I've had a picture of this in my mind for two months, but was only able to see it to fruition this week after discussing the problems I was having with these pieces amongst the B'sue Challenge Group. Thanks to each of you who had a hand in helping me get these finished!!  

I love the chocolate finish of the flowers, which I tried to replicate on the cuff. The black-eyed susans in the center of the flowers are from vintage enamel earrings, which had seen better days, but turned out really well here. I'm planning to add a pair of earrings. Time for another B'sue order!

I could write a missive about my experiences in the Build A Line Challenge, but I won't, this time. Come join us at the B'sue Creative Group on Facebook if you make jewelry, as a hobbyist, a jewelry maker or designer. You won't find a more supportive or encouraging group anywhere. 

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