Sunday, December 14, 2014

Figuring out what sells and why

First off, I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted. The closer we get to Christmas, the busier my schedule becomes, including making and selling jewelry. I wish I had a magic formula to help me determine what sells best. 

I posted this piece of fan jewelry on Friday afternoon and within two hours it had sold:

On the other hand, the bracelet I posted here last week has received lots of attention in my Etsy shop, but no one has bought it:

Being a fan girl, or geek, I understand the draw to original fan jewelry. However, being a lover of all things vintage, I haven't figured out why the bracelet is still available, despite the number of times it's been favorited by Etsy shoppers.

I'm hoping this is one of the conundrums I will find answers to as I take part in the three month B'sue Build A Line Challenge. However, I must admit to having difficulty preparing for the beginning of the challenge. I need to figure out five items to create that would fit in a line of jewelry. Presumably these pieces could work together or simply be similar in style. 

The problem I'm having with this is how do I maintain my philosophy about my work and still meet the requirements of the challenge? I'll let you know when I have the answer. I feel so strongly about taking cast off vintage jewelry (and other interesting objects) and giving them new life. One of the thinking points in the challenge is could these designs be made by someone else, someone who works for me, assuming a boutique decided to pick up my work.

These are things I'm thinking about and working on a plan to create. There are already so many talented people in our B'sue group who have this down to a science. I know I shouldn't compare myself to them, but it's difficult not to.

There will be much more to come on this topic.

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  1. Wow! You really caught on fast to this blog thing. Well done.