Sunday, December 7, 2014

Waiting on Creativity...Oh, hey that works!

I received an order from B'sue Boutiques this week, my favorite supplier. My order included small blanks and bracelet blanks with which to create new and exciting pieces. I opened the box like a kid on Christmas morning and gazed longingly at my shiny new things, while ideas danced around in my mind. Until I took my new found goodies into my work space where the familiar, overwhelming doubt began to creep into my mind. Who was I trying to kid? I'm not a true jewelry artist/designer like some of my colleagues in the B'sue Creative Group. Some of them keep sketchbooks and design their pieces on paper, heck they can even draw, so what does that make me? 

This self-doubt is my unwelcome partner in my process. While existing with the doubt, I completed a few custom orders, made a Christmas present for a friend, created a pendant from a small brooch made in the 40's and stewed. After a while I took a bracelet blank out of my order. These blanks have five discs, or blanks, which small items can be attached to, plus the links and clasps are designed in the style of bracelets made from the 40's to 60's. 

I took the blank, plus plastic containers with all my vintage pieces, out into the living room and sat in front of the Christmas tree hoping inspiration would strike. I went through each container, which are divided by like items; rhinestones, pearls, colors, etc., searching for just the right combination to create a gorgeous bracelet. 

Eureka, we have five pieces that work! Relief, excitement, and a feeling of well-being rushed through me all at the same time. Self-doubt? Who, me? Never! Without a second glance, I took those pieces to my workspace (or studio, but my daughter thinks it's pretentious to call it a studio) and set to work. 

Here's the finished product:

It's already in my Etsy shop and has received quite a few favorites. More often than not, I'm finding this is my process, at least for now. 

In January I'll be participating in a three month long challenge with the B'sue Creative Group to design a line of jewelry. With the guidance and support of Brenda Sue Lansdowne, the B'sue Design Team, and my colleagues in the B'sue Creative Group, I'm hoping to find my way a bit more easily in this crazy, creative life. 

I'll keep you posted!

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