Sunday, December 28, 2014

How to incorporate my philosophy of jewelry making with building a line of jewelry

For those of you who have been reading my blog, first-thank you, and secondly, you know I've mentioned the Build A Line Challenge sponsored by B'sue Boutiques and the B'sue Creative Group on Facebook. I have a little over a week to write up a proposal for my line, which needs to be unique. If I want, the pieces in my line should be designed in a way that someone working with me could reproduce the pieces and have them look like I made them.

Here's where my struggle begins. I want to be successful, but my heart isn't in assembly line jewelry making. I like to think I put a part of myself into each piece I create. How do I build a line when I receive inspiration from the vintage pieces I collect and build my jewelry around those pieces? I've been thinking of my pieces that sell best and fall into the $20-$50 price range, which for some people can be impulse buys.

The more I think of these pieces, the closer I come to creating a proposal for my line. I'm excited about this opportunity, which will help me grow my business and challenge my thinking. However, I'm fairly new at this form of jewelry making and am just getting by, so the idea of having someone work for me seems like a pipe dream.

At least I have a bit longer to think on this.

Here are two of my newest pieces that I'm very fond of:

The top necklace, which I like to call The Blue and Gold Beauty sold within 24 hours of making it. I just posted the bottom necklace on Etsy today and it has received several favorites already. You can see it here

Yesterday I went through all my vintage jewelry. I set aside the signed pieces to sell and selected a few pieces to use in upcoming projects. The ideas are floating around in my mind.

Now that Christmas is behind me, I'll be blogging at least three times a week.

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  1. The blue and gold beauty is a stunner. No wonder it sold right away!